Process Optimization

We support you in the case of process reliability from deep and precise holes as follow:

Process layout: You submit us your drilling application and we will develop the whole process from engineering to finding the perfect tooling solution.

Process optimization: Our team of Application Engineers analyse and improve your process in your facility and coordinate all technical details.

Reduced manufacturing costs by:

  • optimized cutting values
  • improved tool life
  • shortened auxiliary process time
  • maximized process capacity

botekUSA is here to assist you in all stages of the process with:

  • Feasibility testing
  • Process Optimization
  • Instruction and training for your technicians – to take what you do and make it better!


botekUSA offers prompt and cost-effective in-house regrinding services.

Customer Testing

Customer testing in our research and development department:
  • tool development specifically tailored to suit your application
  • supportive when introducing the latest technology
  • solving processing problems
We are looking forward to meeting your challenge – please contact us

Express Production

For purchases from 2-10 pcs only we have semi-finished and finished tools in stock with deliveries within 2-3 weeks after purchase. Stocking diameters and lengths are subject to availability and prior sales. Please inquire for more details about Express Production and Delivery.

Call (630) 893-5300 for a conversation about which tools and services are best suited to your operation.

We are committed to taking what’s good and striving to make it better!