Botek was founded in 1974 in Riederich near Stuttgart, the company started out with six employees, producing and developing single-fluted gun drills with brazed drivers. It was transformed into a limited company with its present name in 1976.

The results achieved by single-fluted gun drills, especially in modern production meant that the usual methods of finishing bores via counterboring or reaming were no longer necessary. No other tool of the day was capable of producing bores of comparable quality in a single pass. This was a crucial leading edge in times of rocketing industrial demand for high-precision deep-hole drilling.

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For solid drilling and counter-boring, carbide trip, solid carbide and HP (high performance) designs available.

For solid drilling and counterboring. With brazed solid carbide head or in solid carbide design.

Tools for solid drilling, counterboring and trepanning.

Drilling range: 18,4 – 197,99 mm available.

Type 158-00 – solid carbide twist drills from the deep hole drilling specialist.

PCD tipped single and twin flute gundrills and form boring tools are available.


Process layout

You submit us drilling application and we will develop the whole process from engineering to finding the perfect tooling solution.

Process optimization

Our team of Application Engineers analyse and improve your process in your facility and coordinate all technical details.

Customer testing

Processing problem solutions, feasibility tests, optimization trials, instruction and training for your operators.


botekUSA offers prompt and cost-effective in house regrinding service.

Continuous Improvement of What We Do Well.