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Founded in southern Germany in 1974, Botek™ GmbH is a world leader of precision deep hole drilling tooling. Every tool is a product of over 30 years experience in deep hole drill production and applications. Botek™ designs and manufactures tools for all deep hole drilling processes primarily Gundrilling, BTA and Ejector Systems.

Botek™ introduced their first 2mm solid carbide single flute (Type 113) gundrill in 1982. Our innovative technology has made it possible for gundrilling down to 0.5mm. This capability is a prerequisite for manufacturing components such as fuel injector systems, medical and mold industries.

Botek advantages
• Cost effective & precise hole making
• High penetration rates
• Outstanding hole quality & finish
• Trouble-free chip removal
• Proven process reliability
• Minimum Centerline deviation
• ISO certified manufacturing

As the North American arm of the German based company, Botek™ USA aims to exceed customer expectations. Our customers continue to seek out the innovative technology that Botek delivers in the gundrilling marketplace.Botek™ USA is located 30 miles northwest of Chicago , Illinois . We are a distributor of high quality dependable gundrills and related products. With manufacturing facilities across the globe, Botek USA stays one step ahead of customer's expectations.
Botek Drills
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