dtelink btalink tfgmlink sfgmlink Ejector System
Solid drilling tools
with brazed carbide & guide pads
with indexable inserts
and guide pads

Counterboring tools
with indexable inserts
and guide pads

drill tubes
drill bushings
vibration damper
coolant inducers
setting guages
grinding arbor
The Ejector or double tube system is a derivative of the BTA drilling system. Ejector drilling is adaptable to conventional machinery such as machining and turning centers. The Ejector System procedure allows depth to diameter ratios up to 100x's diameter.

The coolant is supplied at the spindle through a special coolant inducer. Pressurized coolant flows through the annular space between the inner and outer drill tube supplying the drill head. The coolant flows over the drill head providing lubrication and chip evacuation through the inner tube.

Botek ejector drill heads are available in diameter ranges from 18.4 mm- ~200 mm. Please see illustration to the right.
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